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Maine Outfitters

Black Ghost Outfitters - Greenbush, ME, US

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Outfitter: Black Ghost Outfitters

Outfitters Summary: Black Ghost Outfitters brings three generations of hunting and outdoor experience. Our love for the breathtaking beauty of the Maine woods provides hunters with a new respect and awe of the wildlife we pursue. Come and join the fun and build memories of a lifetime!

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Maine Trophy Outfitters - Allagash, ME, US

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Outfitter: Maine Trophy Outfitters

Outfitters Summary: Located deep in the Allagash wilderness area of northern Maine, Maine Trophy Outfitters goal is to provide you with the ultimate opportunity to attain that trophy of a lifetime. Whether it be a heavy beamed northern buck, monster musky, trophy moose, bruiser black bear, or a week relaxing on a remote river, we have the experience, passion, and resources to make your dream vacation come true. In 2014, we had a 100% success rate on fully guided baited bear hunts and an 88% success rate overall.

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Sunrise Ridge Guide Service - Bingham, ME, US

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Outfitter: Sunrise Ridge Guide Service

Outfitters Summary: Located in Bingham, Maine, Sunrise Ridge Guide Service and Sporting Camps has been one of the State's leading Maine hunting outfitters for more than 13 years. We offer an outstanding selection of affordable guided and semi-guided Maine hunts and hunting trip packages.

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Maine Hunting

Maine, the Pine tree State, has an abundance of game and extensive wildlife that offers hunting opportunities for all. Trophy animals are taken throughout the state with bow and rifle. World-class duck hunting as well as black bear, trophy moose and whitetail deer are options for the hunter. 


Maine Moose hunting is by permit only. Trophy racks are not uncommon and several moose have been in excess of 1,000 pounds. In 2010, 2,475 Maine Moose were taken.


Maine offers great black bear hunting as well. Black bear are found throughout the state, but the highest black bear density and population is in the eastern part of the state. In 2010, 3,062 bear were harvested in Maine.


Whitetail deer are plentiful as Maine is home to one of the largest of the 30 recognized subspecies of whitetail deer. They reach record weight and antlers by 4 ½ years. Central and Southern Maine offers a more favorable habitat for wintering over for whitetail deer. In 2010, over 20,000 was the registered kill with the Department of Fish and Game.


The turkey population in Maine has increased due to the efforts of wildlife management. In the spring hunt of 2010 alone, 6,077 turkey were taken. Trapping is also offered in Maine for beaver, otter, mink, muskrat, coyote, red fox, gray fox, weasel, and raccoon. Please check regarding licenses needed, areas to be trapped and limits. Please avoid any Lynx.


Small game in Maine is second to none. The state offers pheasant (need pheasant permit), ducks, geese, (need waterfowl permit and federal duck stamp), grouse, snowshoe hare, and woodcock.


Coyote is becoming popular with hunters and many coyote tournaments are offered in Maine. There is an estimated 12,000 coyotes in Maine and it is a known fact that they are interbreeding with wolves. They are having an effect on the whitetail deer population. Coyotes may be hunted throughout the year.


Anyone born after January 1, 1976 needs to show a Hunter’s Education Certificate or a previous valid hunting license. This is also required for archery licenses. Not only will the animal population in Maine take your breath away but also so will the scenery during your hunt. 


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