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Florida Outfitters

Ross Hammock Ranch - Inglis, FL, US

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Outfitter: Ross Hammock Ranch

Outfitters Summary: Ross Hammock Ranch offers guided fair-chase hunting on its large private hunting ranch. The ranch has over 10 miles of border and 25+ miles of internal logging roads! It is approximately 50% food plots, cut-overs and planted pine forest and the remaining 50% is in hardwood hammock. It combines forest land and natural vegetation, with supplemental food plots and game feeders, to maintain and grow healthy trophy wildlife. This environment makes for a challenging hunt, tremendous table fare, and a harvested trophy you can truly be proud of.

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Florida Hunting

Florida boasts the largest Wildlife Management System in the country at over 5.5 million acres. Most of the state is at or near sea level. Florida offers excellent hunting for alligator, whitetail deer, two types of turkey, and boar. If you are looking for an exciting hunt, checkout our Florida hunts. 


Alligators in Florida number over 1 million. The permit system is used and is a random draw. If you receive a permit, you will also need an alligator-trapping license. In 2010, 7,736 Florida gators harvested with 7 foot 11 inches being the average size. Alligators are seen throughout the state, but south Florida is prime alligator country. Shark Valley is an alligator haven.


Florida is home to more than 700,000 whitetail deer. They are seen throughout the state. Each year about 100,000 deer are harvested by hunters, with about 94% being bucks. Besides your regular hunting license, you must also purchase a $5 deer permit. If hunting in a WMA (wildlife management area) you will also need a permit for there. There are also Key Deer that live only in the Key Islands of Florida. They are smaller than a whitetail and only weigh about 80 pounds. Their population is about 600 and is protected as endangered specie.


Florida turkeys come in two varieties. The Osceola turkey lives only on the Florida peninsula. They are smaller than the Eastern Turkey and a shade darker. The Eastern turkey is seen in the Florida panhandle. The population of turkey is about 100,000 and 26,000 are usually harvested each spring turkey season. A turkey permit is required.


Wild boars are seen throughout Florida. The population is around one million. They do prefer oak-cabbage palm hammocks, fresh water marshes, and pine flat woods. Wild boars may be hunted or trapped. On private land there is no bag limits nor is a license needed. On WMA (wildlife management areas) you may harvest them if seen when hunting other wildlife. You must have a license for what animal you are hunting and a WMA permit. There are bag limits and size restrictions so please check for the restrictions in your WMA. You may not hunt wild boar in spring turkey season. The Green Swamp area in the southwest region has the largest harvest yearly. In the northeast region, you may use dogs.


Small game that you may hunt in Florida is: dove, snipe, quail, rabbit, squirrel, and woodcock.


Waterfowl that may be hunted in Florida is: rail, moorhen, ducks, geese, teal, gadwall, wood duck, mergansers, red head, ruddy, scaup, bufflehead, and canvasback. Non-toxic shot must be used. You will need a regular hunting license, a Migratory Bird Permit, a Florida Waterfowl permit, and a Federal Duck Stamp. If hunting in a WMS (wildlife management area) or a NWR (national wildlife refuge) please check for special permit requirements and dates to hunt and bag limits. Those born on or after June 1, 1975 need a “Hunter’s Education Certificate”. 

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