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Alaska Outfitters

Alaska Cross Country Guiding - Haines, AK, US

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Outfitter: Alaska Cross Country Guiding

Outfitters Summary: Al Gilliam has independently made his livelihood for over twenty years personally guiding one-on-one rifle & archery Brown Bear, Black Bear, Mountain Goat and Wolf hunts in the storied Chilkat Country, and the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve of Southeast Alaska; bordering the largest protected wilderness area on earth.

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Northwest Alaska Backcountry - Kotzebue, AK, US

  1. Caribou Hunt in Alaska
  2. Alaskan Caribou Hunt
  3. Alaska Caribou Hunts
  4. Alaska Moose Hunt
  5. Alaska Wolf Outfitters
  6. Alaska Moose Hunt Drop Camp
  7. northwest alaska scenery

Outfitter: Northwest Alaska Backcountry

Outfitters Summary: Northwest Alaska Back Country Rentals offers hunt planning services, float hunts and drop camps for the do it yourself hunter that is seeking trophy Caribou and Moose. We operate in unit 23 which is in Northwest Alaska. Unit 23 is home to the largest caribou herd in the country standing at just over 350,000 animals. Our hunting Unit is larger than the state of Indiana and 100% roadless! Located on the South side of the Brooks Range we can offer you hundreds of unspoiled miles of rivers which act as natural highways for the huge Western Arctic Caribou Herd. Unit 23 offers the hunter a 2 caribou limit and moose hunts that range in the 93% success rate for bulls over 50 inches.

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Alaska Hunting

Alaska has some of the finest big game hunting in North America and in the world.  Comprised of over 300 million acres, Alaska is home to many of the largest big game animals including brown bear, black bear, grizzly bear, caribou, and moose.  Many of the listed Alaska guides offer remote hunts that are only accessible by plane or super cub.  This ensures that you will have a one of a kind hunt in which you can get away from civilization, enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings, all while hunting that trophy bear, caribou, or moose you are after! 


It is important to understand that booking hunts in remote parts of Alaska needs to be done 8+ months prior to your hunt. There are several reason for this which are specific to the Alaska. Most GMU-Game Management Units are fly in only and there are limited flight services working in most of the states remote locations. Due to the difficulty in booking a "Bush Flight" most good flight services will book full by early March. Because of this it is important that you have your deposits made as early as possible. When working with an outfitter who is arranging for your Drop Camp and Float Hunts they to have a limited number of clients that they book and this is also dependent upon flight services but also gear. Most outfitters can only supply 15-20 camps and raft rentals each season.


Dates: The farther north you go the earlier you will be hunting. In Unit 26 or the North Slope of the Brooks Range many caribou, moose and bear hunts happen in August but in Unit 23 which is the home to the states largest caribou herd hunting trips are normally booked in early September to early October. Freeze up occurs in NW Alaska around the end of September. 


The rule of thumb is start the planning process as early as you can. Many outfitters begin working with clients 12-14 months before the actual hunt! Hunt planning is a educational process and there is so much to learn about a hunt unit that is larger than most lower 48 states. Good planning results in a successful hunt!  


The population of Alaskan black bear is better than 100,000. The bears vary in color from jet black to cinnamon brown to white. They can be found in most forested areas of the state. They are not found on the Seward Peninsula, the Yukon/Kuskokwim Delta or north of the Brooks Range. You may buy a General season license or apply for a “draw hunt”. The “draw hunt” requires an application fee and is awarded by the lottery system. In 2010, 2,385 Alaska black bear were harvested.


The population of Alaska brown bear / grizzly bear is 30,000. The brown bear and grizzly are classified as the same specie. There are spring and fall hunts for for Alaska brown bear. Spring season seems to be better mostly due to longer days. Brown bear are found throughout Alaska except on islands south of Frederick Sound, west of Unimak in the Aleutian Chain, and islands of the Bering Sea. In 2010, 239 grizzly bear were taken by hunters.


The Alaska Bison population is roughly 900. There are 4 herds that roam freely in the state. The “Draw Hunt” is used to control the population. The largest herd is in the Delta Junction. Usually 100 permits are given out and 74+/- animals are harvested yearly during Alaska hunts.


The Alaska Caribou population is about 950,000 and these animals are in 32 herds across Alaska. They live in the Artic tundra, mountain tundra, and northern forests of North Americas. Domesticate caribou are called reindeer. There are general season hunts and permit hunts that you may apply for. The Alaska caribou harvest is usually about 22,000 yearly.


Dall Sheep inhabit mountain ranges, alpine ridges, and steep slopes. They are not seen in the southeastern part of the state. Hunting them requires physical fitness. Recreational hunting is typically limited to taking mature rams in August/September. A “full curl” takes about 7-8 years to grow. Non-residents must have a guide to hunt with. In 2010, 736 Alaska Dall sheep were harvested.


Deer in Alaska are the Sitka Black Tailed. They are native to the wet coastal rainforests of southeast Alaska. They have been transplanted and herds are now established near Yakutat, Prince William Sound, Kodiak Island, and Afognak Island. The population fluctuates with the severity of winters. In 2010, 5,690 sitka black tailed deer were harvested. You will require a “Harvest Ticket” to hunt deer.


Elk can be found in southeast Alaska and on Afognak, Raspberry, Zarembo, and Etolin Islands of Alaska. This is a “draw only” hunt and this depends on the current population of the animal. Alaska Moose can be seen from the Stikene River of southeast Alaska to the Colville River on the Artic slope. The population is roughly 175,000 to 200,000. Trophy class bulls are found throughout Alaska but the largest come from the western part of the state. In 2010, 7,829+ Alaskan Moose were harvested by hunters during the seasons.


Musk ox population is about 4,000 in Alaska. They are found on Nunivak Island, the Seward Peninsula, Cape Thompson, and Nelson Islands. In 2010, 220 Musk Ox were harvested. Mountain Goats are seen in southeast Alaska (along the coastal mountains to Cook Inlet) and south central Alaska (along the Chugach and Wrangell Mountains) and Kodiak Island. The Alaska Mountain Goat population is about 33,000. This Alaska hunt is in steep challenging terrain. In 2010, 455 mountain goats were harvested.


Furbearing can be done for marten, wolf (the population of wolves is 7-10000 and 1150 is usually harvested yearly), river otter, wolverine, beaver, lynx, fox, mink, coyote, and ermine. Small Game is abundant throughout the state. You may hunt for 2 species of hares, 4 species of grouse, and 3 species of ptarmigans. 


Waterfowl hunting requires more gear than almost any other type of hunting. You may hunt for ducks, geese, brants, sand hill cranes, swans, gallinules, woodcocks, rails, doves, band-tailed pigeons, and snipe. You will require a valid hunting license, a State and Federal Duck Stamp, and enroll in the HIP (harvest information program) to hunt. The marine and freshwater wetlands of Alaska produce a fall flight of about 12 million ducks and over 1 million geese to the North American flyways and to other countries. Non-toxic shot must be used.


Alaska does offer three “Auction Programs”. These are for Big Game (2 permits per specie), Delta Bison (1 Permit per year), and Etolin Elk (4 permits per year). Hunter Education Certificate is required to hunt in some areas of Alaska.

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